Mousetrap Games, a subsidiary of NewConnect Oxygen SA, has just released its newest mobile game – Bee Merge. The product is available on both Google Play and App Store platforms. It is the first project released in cooperation with War Bear Games.

Bee Merge is a relaxing puzzle game designed around connecting hexagonal puzzle pieces which look like honeycomb fragments. The player’s goal is to place these blocks to combine flower types of the same kind to create some delicious nectar! The game has no time limits, but it does have a move count limit on some levels, so it pays off to pay attention! This whole project has a colorful palette, full of greens and happy, helpful bees.

The aforementioned game is the first project created in collaboration between Mousetrap Games and War Bear Games. The agreement between Mousetrap Games and War Bear Games states that the latter is responsible for game development while the former deals with distribution and advertisement. Additionally, during the development process of said games, Mousetrap Games will provide services to further advancement regarding their development and release.

We are delighted that the very first game we developed alongside War Bear Games is already available to players all over the world. Bee Merge is a title with a lot of potential due to the simple but engaging gameplay combined with charming graphics. We believe that this premiere is the first step in long and fruitful cooperation between Mousetrap Games and War Bear Games – Edward Mężyk, CEO of Mousetrap Games.

War Bear Games is a Polish gaming studio that focuses on trends such as hybrid-casual games while also keeping a keen eye on user data analysis and detailed market data. Its mission is to utilize the potential of the mobile market platform for the sake of the best possible user experience. Their first project is the Bee Merge, and the company will release their first roguelite dungeon crawler, Minion Mash, as soon as 2021!

Mousetrap Games is a Wrocław based firm that belongs to the Oxygen company group. In 2020, the company released 15 titles targeting different types of players, including premium games („Jars”), casual games („Rocat Jumpurr”) and hypercasual games („Crowdy Road”). Mousetrap Games cooperates with valued parts of the gamedev brand such as Voodoo, Daedalic Entertainment or Ketchapp (Ubisoft Entertainment).

Bee Merge on Google Play: here.

Bee Merge in the App Store: here.

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