The newest mobile game released by Mousetrap Games is a treat for gardening enthusiasts. Green Thumb grants the player the possibility to grow, gather and sell various plants while also investing in the development of their garden. The game is available on Google Play.

Green Thumb is a workshop simulator. There, the player can plant various plants and takes care of their proper growth. The available plant collection consists of several species, which unlock as the game progresses. An advanced plant care system allows one to note how important it is to water or fertilize plants in the correct way for each of them. This, in turn, influences each plant’s appearance and market value. The player earns money by selling grown plants, and the profit can be spent to develop their business or purchase new seeds or gardening accessories from local stores.

Our main goal during the development of Green Thumb was to express the actual emotions that accompany someone while gardening. Satisfaction is a rather broad term, but the exact feeling we wish to convey is what you experience when your Monstera grows a new leaf after you have put a lot of work into taking care of it. We focused on making sure that plant care is intuitive and calls for attention and appropriate reactions. For realism, our plant models were generated in 3D, and each one is unique. The player has the ability to turn them around and inspect them from every side during each step of growth. – Karolina Staśkiewicz, Game Designer for Mousetrap Games.

Green Thumb on Google Play: here.

About Mousetrap Games:

Mousetrap Games is a Wrocław based firm that belongs to the Oxygen company group. In 2020 Mousetrap Games released 15 titles, while 2021 saw 17 confirmed releases. The company designs different types of games for different kinds of players, including premium games („Jars”), casual games („Cards Up!”) and hyper casual games („Fall and Roll”). Mousetrap Games cooperates with valued parts of the gamedev brand such as Voodoo, Daedalic Entertainment or Ketchapp (Ubisoft Entertainment).

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