Mousetrap Games, a company belonging to the Oxygen Capital Group, signed a publishing deal to publish the „Rage Squad” game. Up to this point, the game was being developed by Odis Marcin Tomczyk Dominik Sidowski civil partnership registered in Łódź.

„Rage Squad” is a mobile roguelite with RPG elements, which is characterized by quick and action packed combat. All the available characters have a unique set of attributes and skills, which makes every new battle a whole new adventure. In addition, the duels take place in different environments, each one demanding a different combat strategy. Once the player defeats the enemy horde, the final boss fight with the Gang Chief awaits them. It is a challenge not to be taken lightly.

On the basis of the signed agreement, Mousetrap Games is contractually obligated to publish the game, distribute it, and promote it. In addition, the company will be responsible for certification and localization. The creators of „Rage Squad” gave Mousetrap Games an exclusive and perpetual license to use the game, and have authorized it to exercise derivative copyrights. Mousetrap Games has also confirmed that the game will be modified to maximize its market potential.

The first version of the game debuted on the Google Play store in April  2019. After the tech launch we decided that we need the support of an experienced studio, one that would be able to help us in game development, and take care of distribution and marketing. We are very happy with our cooperation with Mousetrap Games, because Rage Squad” is a game that we have put a lot of work into, and now it has a real chance to succeed – says Marcin Tomczyk, CEO of Odis.

We are pleased that our publishing portfolio will grow with the addition of Rage Squad”. We have high hopes regarding this title – the game has many trump cards, among them the number and variety of characters, combat styles and locations, all rounded out with interesting visuals. We believe that this partnership will leverage the full potential of this game and will allow it to cater to gamers around the world – says Edward Mężyk, CEO of Mousetrap Games.

About Mousetrap Games: 
Mousetrap Games is the gaming subsidiary of NewConnect listed OXYGEN. It specializes in mobile games. In 2020, the company released 15 titles targeting different types of players, including premium games („Jars”), casual games („Rocat Jumpurr”) and hypercasual games („Crowdy Road”). Mousetrap Games is the second company in the world to win Pocket Gamer’s The Big Indie Pitch twice. The strategy of Mousetrap Games for 2021 is to focus on publishing – this year the company plans to release as many as 17 titles to the market in total.

Ewa Gronostaj [email protected]