NewConnect listed Premium Fund has taken over 100% shares of  Mousetrap Games. The shareholders in Mousetrap Games have acquired the majority stake in the parent company. Edward Mężyk has become the CEO of Premium Fund SA.

About Premium Fund SA

Premium Fund SA, initially named Smoke Shop SA, was funded in 2010 as a result of transformation from a limited liability company into a joint stock company. The company was  managing a tobacco retail chain. In December 2010 Smoke Shop S.A. debuted on NewConnect. 

In 2016 the company sold the organised part of the enterprise, which was a part of the operating activity, and changed the name to Exchange Invest S.A. In 2017 the company changed its name again to Premium Fund S.A. In 2019, new investors joined the company and during the  general shareholder meeting it was decided to change the company name to Oxygen S.A. and to move its headquarters to Kraków.

Takeover of Mousetrap Games and changes at the company

At the extraordinary general meeting that took place in Kraków on March 17th, 2020, a resolution was adopted to increase the share capital of Premium Fund. All new shares were purchased by shareholders of Mousetrap Games who made an in-kind contribution of 100% shares in Mousetrap Games to cover the issuance.

Detailed information on purchase of series E shares can be found in the attached current reports of Premium Fund.

Thanks to the acquisition of the majority stake in Premium Fund by Mousetrap Games shareholders, the company initiates operations in the mobile games segment as part of the capital group. Once the acquisition of shares of Mousetrap Games is complete, the company will begin work on the implementation of the new growth strategy.

During the extraordinary general meeting a new supervisory board was appointed as follows: Tomasz Nietubyć, Tomasz Czechowski, Marcin Krok, Marcin Bużantowicz and Łukasz Łoziński. Edward Mężyk was selected as the new CEO, concurrently being the CEO of  Mousetrap Games.

  • Mousetrap Games becomes a subsidiary of Premium Fund SA and, thanks to its parent company being listed on NewConnect, a whole new range of growth opportunities open for it – says Edward Mężyk, CEO of Mousetrap Games & Chairman of Premium Fund SA. – For several months, with the support of shareholders, I have been working on a growth plans for the next 4 years, which are based wholly on data analysis and cooperation with experienced partners. 
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