Game design studio Goobsta Games signed a publishing agreement with Mousetrap Games, a subsidiary of Oxygen Inc., to publish by the end of the year a game under the working title „Train City Station”. By signing this agreement Mousetrap Games begins the realization of the strategy that sees the Oxygen capital group enter the game publishing business.

The agreement covers paid cooperation between the participants in the publishing, promotion, distribution and support of the Train City Station (working title) game for iOS and Android mobile devices. An important part of the services offered by Mousetrap Games (MTG) will be gameplay data analysis, game localisation and if it is needed, management of the gamer community.

We are delighted that Mousetrap Games will publish our game. We have given them the licence for „Train City Station”, because we like their business approach, and the NewConnect listing guarantees transparency. I am certain that by working together, with the support of our mutual partner, The Knights of Unity, we have a bigger chance of success on the highly competitive mobile games market– says Rafał Stanowicki, board member of  Goobsta Games.

Cooperation is worth seeking if it benefits all the parties involved, and in our case the cooperation is based on a good publishing agreement. We are convinced that the MTG team is highly competitive, diligent and has the necessary talent for the job. When making the decision we took notice of the big emphasis on data science at MTG, that helps them to adapt to the dynamically changing ecosystem of global gamers and mobile games – says Łukasz Gostkowski, board member of  Goobsta Games.

About „Train City Station”

The goal of „Train City Station” is to transport resources by train and the expansion of cities. The player builds up his rolling stock in order to move more of the increasingly valuable resources. Delivering the right goods generates city growth. Larger cities produce more valuable and larger resources. The games’ forerunner is „Transport Tycoon”, although the game is simplified, custom tailored to mobile and focused on trains only.

Mousetrap Games looks for innovation in games and ways to address the needs of gamers. We chose Train City Station, because it allows players to come closer to the business of running a railroad empire and to fulfill their fantasies of organizing train lines across the country. Who in their youth did not play with toy trains and marveled at the real trains? We believe that, no matter where you are located, this topic can be very engaging, and the experienced team at Goobsta Games guarantees high production values – says Edward Mężyk, CEO of Mousetrap Games.

About Goobsta Games

Goobsta Games is a Wroclaw based gaming studio founded by a group of mobile games enthusiasts and life long friends. The team is composed of people with experience in IT, finance and game development. Some members previously worked at the largest Wroclaw gaming company Ten Square Games.

Goobsta Games board members:

  • Grzegorz Stańczak, game designer who worked at Ten Square Games on such productions such as „Let’s Farm”, „Wild Hunt” and other games, which combined earned millions of dollars.
  • Łukasz Gostkowski, programmer who worked at Nokia, and Ten Square Games, where he collaborated on „Let’s Farm”.
  • Maciej Figiel is the second programmer. Maciej made his first game when he was 6 years old, he worked at Nokia.
  • Rafał Stanowicki is in charge of company finances. He has experience in Polish and foreign companies, where he was responsible for business strategy, cash flow and budgeting. 

The licence granted to  Mousetrap Games for „Train City Station” by  Goobsta Games is exclusive and indefinite. It covers the the use of game and all of its components, with no time or territorial constraints, within the principles outlined in the agreement. The licence covers any language versions and all mobile platforms, in particular Android and iOS, on which the game can be published

The agreement outlines the duties of MTG as a publisher, which primarily concern the publishing of the game, its distribution, promotion and marketing. MTG committed to allocate at least 220.000,00 PLN for the production, promotion and marketing of the game. 

About Mousetrap Games:

Mousetrap Games is the gaming subsidiary of NewConnect listed Oxygen Inc. It specializes in mobile games. Some of the Mousetrap Games’ most prominent productions are 2D music platformer Run the Beat and Rocat Jumpurr. Mousetrap Games is only the second company in the world to have won Pocket Gamer’s The Big Indie Pitch twice. Premium Fund set up a crowdfunding campaign on to accelerate the growth of Mousetrap Games

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