Mousetrap Games, a studio from Wrocław, has released the biggest update „Rocat Jumpurr” so far. This roguelite game features a cute cat that travels through space with the help of a bazooka kickback. The latest version of the game is available for mobile devices with Android or iOS.

A completely new mode has been added to the game: Wild Mode, which includes countless modifiers and rewards. In addition, players can expand their arsenal by using new Power Ups. Using newly acquired powers, they can beat their previous records in the Pawer Catalog, where one more surprise awaits them – Mega Power Ups.

In „Rocat Jumpurr”, the player travels the worlds as a cat firing a rocket launcher. The uniqueness of the production lies in the fact that shooting – thanks to the recoil – is also the only way to move the character. Main hero encounters the greatest enemies of every cat: cucumbers, pigeons and those pesky mice. During his journey he collects goldfish, diamond yarns and upgrade tokens.

The mechanics of „Rocat Jumpurr” were developed by our team specializing in player psychology. We chose the most satisfying factors for the human brain: outbursts, the surprise effect and the joy of mastering the (unpredictable) bazooka. All this, accompanied by Rocat’s sweet meowing and big, cross-eyed eyes, creates a lot of pleasurable gaming experience – says Marcin Gola, Game Director of Mousetrap Games. – The first opinions of players testing the production are very positive. Just a few days after the technical launch, the game was awarded with „Games we Love” category on App Store.

„Rocat Jumpurr” is a mobile platform game. It’s the perfect combination of a dungeon crawler adventure (penetrating a dungeon or castle maze and in the case of RJ – worlds in space), hypercasual mechanics (where you play with one finger), and roguelite genre. Players can never be sure what’s coming around the next corner.

The game currently consists of two themed worlds, and each of them have several dozen levels to overcome. During the game, players may use the shop where they can buy crazy upgrades for Rocat. According to the roguelite rules, when a user loses they have to start over. The levels in each world are randomized, as are the purchasable upgrades. Thanks to this the gameplay always stays unique and fresh.

The world of „Rocat Jumpurr”
In addition to the game itself, the Mousetrap Games team has designed gadgets to promote the production, including t-shirts, an artbook, and a hand-painted figurine of the main character. Investors, among others, were the ones to receive those items during the spring crowd investment campaign at „Rocat Jumpurr” is also a winner of the industry award – during The Very Big Indie Pitch in London in 2020, it was awarded the first prize.

About Mousetrap Games: 
Mousetrap Games is the gaming subsidiary of NewConnect listed OXYGEN. It specializes in mobile games. In 2020, the company released 15 titles targeting different types of players, including premium games („Jars”), casual games („Rocat Jumpurr”) and hypercasual games („Crowdy Road”). Mousetrap Games is the second company in the world to win Pocket Gamer’s The Big Indie Pitch twice. The strategy of Mousetrap Games for 2021 is to focus on publishing – this year the company plans to release as many as 17 titles to the market in total.

Ewa Gronostaj [email protected]