Sword of Glory is the first RPG title in the Mousetrap Games portfolio. An isometric roguelite game  focused on arena fighting gladiators. The game has just received a major update introducing the  Spiritual Blade mechanic. Mousetrap Games is the games’ publisher, and The Knights of Unity are in charge of game development.

In Sword of Glory the player controlled warrior has to defeat his enemies. In order to overcome the increasingly more difficult challenges, the player must use the breaks between fights to train, upgrade his weapon and to come up with a strategy. Everything needs to be prepared for a specific type of enemy, as each one needs a different approach.  The game is geared towards mid-core gamers who would like to have a soulslike experience on their mobile devices.

Sword of Glory is a game made for people like me – who like original and complex games, and who want to get that big pc game experience on their smartphones. This means a game that requires some effort on the part of the player, to master skills and level up the characters. My goal was to allow gamers to experience something new, a soulslike combat in an roguelite RPGsays Maciej “Sir Daniel” Jaroszewicz, Game Developer at The Knights of Unity and the creator of Sword of Glory.

The game was created by The Knights of Unity – a company specializing in providing IT development services to companies around the globe. The ”Knights” have worked with CD PROJEKT RED, Ubisoft and InnoGames, among others. Thanks to the publishing agreement covering Sword of Glory, Mousetrap Games has received an exclusive and indefinite license to the game. In return, Mousetrap Games will release the game, distribute and promote it, as well as offer support services. 

Since its release on the Google Play store in December 2020, the game is constantly being updated. Among new features added post launch are enemy finishers, new npc characters, a daily wheel of fortune with prizes and new interface screens for the equipment and active abilities. The fight mechanics have also been enhanced to give players more satisfaction from the gameplay.

The latest update of Sword of Glory adds a new Ork village (with new challenges, enemies and prizes), as well as the introduction of the Spiritual Blade mechanic, which allows players to choose a unique passive ability at the start of the game.

The game is available at Google Play.

About Mousetrap Games:

Mousetrap Games is the gaming subsidiary of NewConnect listed Oxygen SA. It specializes in mobile games. In 2020 the company released 15 mobile games for various types of gamers. Among these games were premium titles such as (“Jars”), casual (“Rocat Jumpurr”),  and hypercasual (“Crowdy Road”). Mouestrap Games is only the second company in the world to take gold twice at The Big Indie Pitch organized by pocketgamer.com. The strategy for 2021 envisions a greater emphasis on the publishing business – the company plans to publish 17 titles by the end of the year.

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