Wrocław based Mousetrap Games has signed an investment agreement with The Knights of Unity, an industry leader in Unity based game development. The cooperation will include knowledge sharing and operational support.

Mousetrap Games is a gaming company based in Wrocław, specializing in the development of mobile games. The company was founded in 2017 and has since won twice in the international competition The Big Indie Pitch. First, in the 2019 Berlin edition for the music platformer ”Run the Beat”, and then in the 2020 London edition for “Rocat Jumpurr”, a game about the adventures of a cute cat with a bazooka. The game was praised for humor, graphics and gameplay.

Mousetrap Games is only the third company in the world to have achieved the gold prize at the Big Indie Pitch. “Rocat Jumpurr” will debut later this year.

– Last year we focused on a long term development strategy of Mousetrap Games. We see an enormous potential in the mobile games business. Leveraging our experience in reaching the international markets and data analysis of mobile user behavior, we have included the acquisition of third party properties in our 5 year growth strategy. We will focus on those that will blend with our current portfolio, which is distinguished by beautiful graphics and surprising gameplay. In order to realize our ambitious plans, we seek the best partners on the market, and there could be no better partner than the Knights. Together we will fight shoulder to shoulder for the top spot on the mobile games market, says Edward Mężyk, the CEO of Mousetrap Games.

The Knights of Unity is a Wrocław based company founded in 2015 with a mission to provide professional Unity programming services. At the moment, the Knights have a team of 80 people and have completed over 90 projects for clients around the globe. They lent their services to some of the highest rated games of 2019 – Disco Elysium, CD PROJEKT RED’s Gwent: The Witcher Card Game and the PC Building Simulator.

The Knights are also of only 5 Google global partners working on the implementation of Google Play Instant mobile technology and worked on such titles as Forge of Empires (Innogames), Idle Miner Tycoon (Kolibri Games), Elvenar (Innogames), Super Spell Heroes (Sviper) and Mills (Lite Games). Their mobile games experience also extends to work with Future Games of London (Ubisoft) and development of games from the hypercasual category for Vivid Games and WeQ Studios.

In addition to providing outsourcing solutions, the Knights develop their own games. Chief among them are Tools Up! available for PC, PS4, XBOX One, and Nintendo Switch, and Scythe: Digital Edition for PC.

– Development of our own mobile games was an undertaking we wanted to pursue for some time at Knights, however due to larger, higher priority projects this was always on the sidelines. The strategy of Mousetrap Games overlaps substantially with what we wanted to achieve in house, therefore we have decided to move the entire development of the mobile department under Mousetrap Games’ wings. We will support Mousetrap with our know-how in the production of mobile games in every step – from design, through art, development, project management, to quality assurance. We hope to build a company that will successfully rival the biggest names in the industry – says Piotr Sobolewski, CEO of The Knights of Unity.

The agreement is effective immediately on the day of signing. In addition, Mousetrap Games announces a crowdfunding campaign which will launch soon on www.zainwestujwgry.pl.

Ewa Gronostaj [email protected]