The Oxygen Capital Group, of which Mousetrap Games is part of, published 15 games from various genres in 2020. In 2021 the plan is to publish 17 games.

The Oxygen finished 2020 publishing 15 games for various groups of gamers, including hypercasual, casual, as well as mid-core. The latest releases were „Train Station Tycoon”, „Jars” and „Lovely Music” .

I am very proud of the team of the Oxygen Capital Group. Full mobilization, despite remote work, was possible thanks to the great team work and efficient project management.  – says Edward Mężyk, CEO of Oxygen Inc. – I am thrilled that for 2021 we have already signed two publishing deals, and internally we have a great number of fantastic concepts for future productions. Now is the time to rest and focus on promoting this year’s productions – he adds.


Premium games

„Lovely Music

„Lovely Music” is a music game telling the story of Jack, a teenager who is transported to a music world where he can forget about his problems, and discovers his strengths, building self confidence. Meet Jack by playing the demo version today.



„Jars” is a tower defence game, which will be available to purchase on Steam. The game resembles the style of the “The Addams Family” and Tim Burton movies. The player takes the role of a curious boy who goes down to a dark cellar and smashes jars with gross bugs and frights. The demo version debuted at Itch.Io. The game will be further developed in 2021 and will be published on Steam and mobile platforms.


„Run the Beat” 

A music platformer awarded at The Big Indie Pitch in Berlin will certainly find popularity among fans of good beats. The adorable Noty visits various worlds to confront the evil wizard who stole his headphones. The game tests not only dexterity but also the feel of rhythm and is a particular delight to hear.



„Circle Protector”

„Circle Protector”  is a mix of a bullet hell shooter and the classic brick breaker. Players can choose their favorite character and defend their circle from comets and projectiles with a personalized shield. The premium version is distributed by Inlogic Software on various mobiles platforms outside of the App Store i Google Play (where it is available for free).



Casual and mid-core (free to play)

„Rocat Jumpurr”

„Rocat Jumpurr” is a mobile platformer, which is a perfect blend of a dungeon crawler adventure (the goal being the exploration of labyrinths such as dunegons or castles, and in case of RJ, worlds in space), hypercasual mechanics, and roguelite, thanks to which the player can never be quiet sure what he or she will encounter next…

In „Rocat Jumpurr”  the player explores worlds with a bazooka wielding cat. The unique feature of the game is that shooting, thanks to recoil, is the only way to move the character. The main hero encounters along the way the most notorious villains of every cat: pickles, pigeons and pesky mice. RJ also collects golden fish, diamond knitting wool and upgrade tokens. The game received a the main award at “The Very Big Indie Pitch” in London in 2020.



„Sword of Glory”

In „Sword of Glory” the player takes the role of a gladiator who comes back to life to get revenge on those who betrayed him during the fight with the titans. “Sword and Glory” is the first RPG published by Mousetrap Games. It distinguishes itself with a unique fighting mechanic custom tailored to mobile devices. The player develops his or her character and faces increasingly more difficult encounters. The game’s roguelite structure changes dynamically to always be fresh and exciting.


„Train Station Tycoon”

„Train Station Tycoon”  is a game about transporting goods via train and developing cities. The player builds his train stock in order to transport more of increasingly more valuable goods. Delivery of correct goods results in city growth. Bigger cities produce larger and more valuable resources. The game’s predecessor is “Transport Tycoon”, the game is simplified, adjusted to mobile devices and reduced to trains only.


„Shape Up!”

The game’s strong aspects are the combination of polished visuals, the beloved mechanic of connecting together shapes and increasingly more difficult challenges. The seemingly simple task of connecting at least three blocks of the same type can cause a real headache at the higher difficulty levels.


„Quiz 96%”

The new edition of hit „Quiz 96%” allows players to solve over 500 puzzles. The game is based on popular tv quiz shows, where the participant must guess what answers were given by the survey takers. Quiz 96% was also published in the United States.



Cards Up!”

The neverending game of  laying out cards can suck in not only the fans of the offline version, but also those who enjoy logical puzzles.


Hyper casual

 In 2020 the Oxygen Capital Group produced five hyper casual titles:

We are very happy with the close cooperation with our investors. Some of them had the chance to test our games, others shared valued feedback after the games debuted – says Edward Mężyk, CEO of Oxygen Inc. – Not all of our produced games have been published, but we may share some of them with a broader audience, in order to show the titles that for some reason were not developed any further – adds Mężyk.

About Oxygen Capital Group:
Oxygen Inc. is a Polish company operating in the gaming business, owner of the Wroclaw based Mousetrap Games and HyperCat Games (formerly Glass Cannon Games). The company is listed on NewConnect with the ticker OXY.

The Oxygen Capital Group focuses on the production and publishing of mobile video games, with a particular focus on the hyper casual, casual and mid-core games. The overarching objective of Oxygen Inc, for the years 2020-2025 is to develop a system capable of analyzing a game’s intentional on the conceptual level. The company is supported by important players in the gamedev industry, such as The Knights of Unity, or C-Shark.

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